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Phase 1 Orthodontics: Braces for Baby Teeth

March 11, 2022

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Smiling boy with braces with baby teeth

Nothing is more precious than your child’s smile! However, you’ve lately begun to feel that their beautiful grin is looking a bit crooked or misaligned. You haven’t taken them to see an orthodontist because they’re still so young, and they don’t even have all their permanent teeth yet! The truth is, your child may need orthodontic treatment earlier than you expect. Read on to learn more about braces with baby teeth and if your little once could benefit from them!

When Do Orthodontic Issues Develop?

Most parents associate braces with the teenage years, since that’s when all (or most) of the adult teeth have come in. Despite this, orthodontists and pediatric dentists recommend that children get an orthodontic checkup before they turn seven years old. Even though your child may still have all or most of their baby teeth, a highly trained professional will be able to evaluate them and predict orthodontic issues that may develop in the future.

Minor to moderate orthodontic problems can wait to be treated until the teenage or preteen years. However, should your orthodontist discover warning signs of more serious or severe misalignment, preemptive treatment may be a better option. Ensuring that the baby teeth come in correctly and that the shape of the mouth is developing correctly is crucial for deterring complications in the future. Fortunately, that’s where a specialized treatment called Phase 1 Orthodontics comes in!

What Is Phase 1 Orthodontics?

Phase 1 Orthodontics, sometimes called pediatric orthodontics, is a unique type of braces that is designed specifically to be used with baby teeth. This treatment takes advantage of the fact that the child’s mouth, teeth, and jaws are developing. It works to correct the issues that have just begun and guides the oral structures into a healthier position.

Phase 1 Orthodontics is an umbrella term for a variety of different treatments and appliances. The one that’s best for your little one will depend on what type of problem needs to be adjusted. There are numerous retainers, head gears, space-maintainers, and limited braces that can be used in a custom treatment plan to get your child’s orthodontic health back on track. Unlike traditional orthodontics later in life, Phase 1 Orthodontics can typically be completed in 9-12 months and even help reduce the length of any future orthodontic treatments they may need.

Is Phase 1 Orthodontics Right For Your Child?

Whenever you have any suspicions or concerns about your child’s oral health, you should trust your parental instincts and take them to see a dentist. A few of the most common signs that your little one may need braces with baby teeth include:

  • Noticeably crooked, overlapping, or gapped teeth
  • Aggressive thumb sucking, or thumb sucking past the age of five
  • Difficulty chewing and eating very slowly
  • Frequently biting the inside of their cheeks or lips by accident

However, the only way to know for sure if your child needs Phase 1 Orthodontics is to see an orthodontist. So if you’ve noticed any of the above signs, or if you just want to make sure your child’s smile is getting the care it needs, schedule an orthodontic checkup for your child today.

About the Practice

At Super Braces of Lawrence, we strive to help patients at every stage of life achieve the happy, healthy, and beautiful smiles they deserve! From adult braces to Phase 1 Orthodontics and everything in between, our talented and experienced team offers a wide variety of specialized services for every situation. With a custom treatment plan and the guidance of our experienced orthodontists, we can help ensure that your child’s precious smile gets the best start. To schedule an appointment, reach out to us online or call (978) 794-0000.

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